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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Boohoo X Couch To 5k Campaign

Firstly, a huge thanks to Boohoo for supplying all the goodies for me to do this shoot for you... because working out, doesn't mean you have to neglect fashion.

Think you can’t run? Surprise yourself. This is what the campaign is all about. I hear people say to me all the time that they just don't run, or they're are too busy to work out. It's so easy to make an excuse... but these same people are often the ones that complain about how tired they always feel, or how terrible they sleep, or how they hate their bodies. Well guess what? your body needs exercise; it needs to move to function well; and all those thoughts and feelings you have, are mostly likely your bodies way of trying to tell you it needs to move.

Exercise is about feeling good about yourself. Just moving and engaging your muscles for twenty minutes a day can give your body the active lifestyle it needs to thrive. You don't have to be the best in the gym, just move.

We must remember not to judge ourselves - someone's beginning is another's end. You might be able to jump straight in and complete a 5k now, you might have never ran in your life. But that's ok! We all have our own personal goals and challenges.

In order to build up to tackling a 5k run, I recommend...

Start by walking 2 minutes, jogging for 30 seconds until you reach 5K.

Once you get comfortable with that...

Walk 2 minutes, jog 1 minute until you reach 5k...

Walk 2 minutes, jog 2 minutes until you reach 5k...

Walk 1 minute, jog 2 minutes until you reach 5k...

You get the idea. Keep working until you get there. Just don't give up.

Similarly, once you get the 5K, it doesn't mean give up. If you can already do a 5K then it isn't the end. Keep trying to beat your personal best each time. It great to have small goals to achieve. Your big goal might be to get fit, or train for a race, or loose weight. But the little goals are important to keep your focus.

c/o Boohoo
Photographer: Hayley Franklin 

On a personal note, I recently got back from an amazing holiday and have lost my motivation to get back into the gym. Writing this post for you has inspired me to get back in there and smash my personal best at a 5k!

If I can do it, you can too!

Let me know in the comments below, if you are getting involved in the Boohoo X Couch To 5k Campaign.

Jess x


Friday, 3 June 2016

Fashion | Loungewear Love...

I don't know about you, but I am literally loving the fact that being comfy is now totally fashionable. 

This loungewear set from Missy Empire is my new favourite thing to wear.... I wear it to my friends houses, to tesco, you name it... if you follow me on Instagram you will already know this! This particular set is a reasonable price and I have washed it several times and it is still just as good as when I first got it. Although it is not the best quality, I am 100% glad I made the purchase.

Missy Empire have 15% off for students with unidays as well, so what are you waiting for.

The sunglasses are also a recent purchase and I am totally in love with them... marble is in style at the moment and so these glasses couldn't be more on point. Quay Australia are one of my favourite brands for sunglasses, they are all so nice, I definitely want to buy a lot more from them. You can find some on Asos as well.

Fashion Blogger, JessBFB, Loungewear, Fashion, Style, Personal Style, fblogger, nike, missy empire, nike trainers, comfy fashion, uk blogger

Fashion Blogger, JessBFB, Loungewear, Fashion, Style, Personal Style, fblogger, nike, missy empire, nike trainers, comfy fashion, uk blogger

Fashion Blogger, JessBFB, Loungewear, Fashion, Style, Personal Style, fblogger, nike, missy empire, nike trainers, comfy fashion, uk blogger

Fashion, Style, Blog, Fashion blog, Personal style, Nike, Nike trainers

Missy Empire // Loungewear set

Quay Australia // My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses in Marble Frame

Nike // Thea

Photographs: Olly Bowers

What is your favourite casual style to wear at the moment?

Jess x


Saturday, 9 April 2016


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around much lately but everything is manic with work at the moment. I really miss blogging and hopefully I can back into it soon. I am thinking of changing my blog direction into more of a fashion and wellness blog, as beauty blogging takes up so so much time (if you are a beauty blogger, let me know how you do it!)

Some of my beauty products yet to review...

By wellness, I mean positivity, happiness, confidence, self esteem, health & fitness and of course recipes still.

I definitely still love all things beauty and will continue to use Instagram and Twitter to let you know my thoughts on products but full reviews are simply taking up to much time. When I finally get a new laptop I will get back into YouTube and hopefully some of my videos can be beauty related.

I hope you all understand and continue to follow me on my journey!

2016 is dedicated to bettering myself mentally, physically and spiritually

On that note, here are some tips on dealing with changes in your life, as I know some people struggle with changes, but lets face it, great things didn't come from comfort zones...

1. It's ok to feel vulnerable and let you're emotions out sometimes.

2. You're never alone - ask for help if you need it - call a friend when things get too overwhelming, because they will at times, and you'll get through it.

3. You can adapt to anything - literally, as humans we are programmed to adapt to changes, so embrace it.

4. You and people around you will grow - accept this - friendships will fall apart and new ones will form, that doesn't mean that changes aren't good.  

5. Learn to see everything from the positive side; changes can be good.

If you change nothing, nothing will change

Head over to my pinterest for some more inspiration!

Jess x


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Easy steps to follow when you're having a down day

It's the big day tomorrow; most of us are back at work after the relaxing Christmas & New Year break and we aren't quite sure if we are ready for it - we have got used to the lay-ins, the slobbing around and the constant food coma... But it is time to wave goodbye to the festive season and return to normality. We all know that January is one of the most depressing months of the year ('otherwise known as blue January') so it is that much harder to keep our spirits up. I am here to save you from this and help to have your most positive year yet... here are my top 10 things to do if you're having a down day, to pick yourself up again...

1. Get out of bed

Lets face it, you're probably still lying in bed if you're reading this, feeling like you just don't even want to move all day but in reality that is not going to make you feel any better - so get up...

2. Put on some upbeat music

...and put some happy, feel good music on... I said feel GOOD. The song that immediately springs to mind is Happy - Pharrell Williams (of course), but whatever your happy jam is, get it on! I have created a 'feel good' playlist on my iPod which I definitely recommend everyone has.

3. Make the bed

Remember to make the bed when you get up because everyone knows a clear space is a clear mind... if you're feeling brave enough, a clear out is always a great idea.

4. Have a shower

Go take nice long shower (or bath) to help cleanse your mind. 

5. Put some clean clothes on

Put fresh clothes on when you get out, we all know looking our best helps us to feel our best. Don't put those comfy PJs back on you have just taken off, no matter how tempting.

6. Have a healthy breakfast (or other meal)

No more chocolate now, put it away and go make some eggs, porridge or a smoothie. If you want healthy breakfast ideas let me know and I can start doing more recipes...

7. Make a list of all the positive things in your life

This is always a winner - writing about things helps us to see our life for what it truly is, not for what our brain can make it out to be... no more negative thinking, get writing down everything positive - hey you could start with the fact you got out of bed and got dressed today! Whatever is good in your life...

8. Change your environment

Changing our environment can help us to get out of a bad funk - either go for a walk or go talk to someone or whatever might put a smile on your face and clear your mind of negative thinking...

9. Go to the gym or do a home workout 

Finally, get exercising to release those endorphins and watch the smile re-appear on your face!

10. Mindfulness

This is a new one for me, I am yet to learn the art of mindfulness but I will do a separate post on it when I feel confident enough about it but I personally think it is something worth exploring to help keep stress levels to a minimum.

Go get 'em!

Jess x

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