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Monday, 27 July 2015

Want to drop a few pounds for holiday?

I am by no means a nutritional / fitness guru but here is my quick guide to dropping a few pounds, quickly but healthily for your summer holiday...

They say practice what you preach so for August I will be following this the best I can in order to get bikini ready for my holiday on 29th August too!


If you have been following the fitness side of my blog you'll know that I am still learning myself but I will try to share some meals and tips on twitter... I can also do videos on what I eat in a day or exercises? Let me know in the comments below.


STEP 1 = eat completely clean (80% of your fat loss relies on this)

No sugar at all (no cakes, chocolate, biscuits etc - even the little things such as sauces, keep your eyes out for extra 'secret' sugar intake), no processed meals (absolutely nothing pre-packaged), no white carbs at all, in fact minimal carbs (obviously they are needed for gym days) try to stick to rice and quinoa types mostly.

Basically absolutely no cheat meals for the purposes of this short summer body prep & watch your portions!


STEP 2 = HIIT workouts (20%)

So HIIT workouts are the best type for fat burning as you continue to burn fat even after exercising.

Do a five minute warm up then pick your exercise (ie. stationary bike) and do 30 seconds as hard and fast as you possibly can, then 1 minute still moving but resting pace - repeat this for 20 minutes, then do a five minute cool down.

Simple! Aim to do this 4 times a week.

Basically, do what you can but make sure you really push as hard as you can for the fast past. Depending on how fit you are will depend on how long you'll need to rest for. Here are some ideas of HIIT workouts on Pinterest.

Let me know if you are joining me!

Jess x



  1. I love your post dear! Have a nice day:)


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