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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Look Fantastic Beauty Box

So if you've been following my blog you'll know that Look Fantastic were kind enough to give me a 12-month subscription to their beauty box (here) so every month I will be doing an unboxing video...

& full review...

I do love this serum - a little bit goes a long way. My skin feels great - I have been putting it on of an evening before bed and when I wake up my skin still looks fab! This is definitely a product I will keep using. However, would I buy the full priced product? I'm still undecided - it is meant to be good for those age-related dark spots and scar marks etc. none of which I have so I am probably not the best person to be testing the products true worth.

Me and my mum both tried this one and I have said previously we are not believers in miracle cures. This products was nice, it felt good on the skin however I didn't really notice a different when using it. That might just be us? The product is meant to make skin look more youthful which I am certainly not in need for yet so perhaps that's why!

A nice cream that is meant to hydrate your skin and basically combat stress. I do love it and will definitely use the whole tube but personally I have no issues with my skin in this respect and I love the moisturising cream I currently use. I might buy this product again to use maybe once a week as the price is reasonable.

Everyone loves a face mask. Purely because I'm lazy I usually get the ones that just peel off (this one you wash off) so it was something different. I actually felt like it worked (unlike some face masks). It makes me feel like I have just come from the spa with super soft skin. The bottle will definitely be gone before I know it. I have used it three times so far this month and there is still loads left. I wouldn't say it works wonders but I have minimal problems with my skin. There are loads more reviews on the link below.
This one smells unreal - I absolutely love it just for that. I rarely ever dry my hair so I wouldn't use it often but if you do then I would say give it a go! I didn't notice a huge difference when I gave this product a go but I will definitely use it again next time I blow dry my hair.

I got this product last time so I'll save it to add to your giveaway when I reach 1,000 followers on any platform! Let me know what other products you would like to see in the giveaway.

Thank you, as always Look FantasticThis box gets **** this month from me!

At the end of the 12 months (a long way away I know - Feb 2016) I will be choosing my favorite products and let you know what products I have actually used frequently or even brought again.

As I always say, I so recommend these boxes as a treat to yourself. They are not expensive and are a great way to try out some new beauty products.

Go and subscribe to my YouTube & let me know what other videos you would like to see.

Jess x


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