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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fashion | eBay

Never underestimate the power of a good eBay shop!

Every month I tend to buy a few items from eBay, particularly phone cases and all sorts of accessories.

I think eBay is a great place to buy phone cases and screen protectors as it is so much cheaper than high street stores; usually for the exact same product. Also, eBay is great for those items that you know you won't wear a lot but you still really want... sometimes I get unlucky and no one is doing the product but in time they usually do, especially if it becomes hugely popular.

The cheapest items usually come from China and so do take about 2 - 3 weeks to come but are so worth the wait in my opinion and actually almost always come in the earlier days of the time frame they give.

The trick for shopping on eBay for these types of products is to only search for actual businesses. A lot of small companies start off on eBay, rather than owning their own website...

After searching for the products, click on more refinements > sellers > eBay shops only.

Also, always check the sellers rating. I wouldn't usually go for anyone with under 95%.

Here are my latest purchases....

Top - here for £2.99
 This mesh top is exactly what I wanted. I had been searching on numerous fashion websites and could not find it for under about £15 which I decided it was not worth.

I was so happy when I stumbled upon this on eBay - the quality is even better than I imagined and it came in under two weeks. I was so pleased. I definitely recommend this seller; 2012flybuy with 98.8% positive feedback and 18,832 reviews that you can go and read.

You can get two different sizes but I went with long so I could tuck it in with a pretty bralet or throw it on over my bikini... the phone case is also from eBay.

Hat - here for £3.99

I am in love with this hat. The fedora style is so in fashion and in every shop around but again I was looking at about £16 and I wasn't sure it would even suit me (what do you think?) so I wasn't prepared to pay that amount. You can imagine I was super happy when I managed to find a good seller with this hat in the exact colour I wanted for such a bargain!

Sunglasses - here for £1.47

Who doesn't love sunglasses?! Especially for under £2! I couldn't leave these cat-eye style glasses behind. I usually only wear my Ray Bans when I do go on holiday as I know they are properly safe for my eyes but as a fashion piece you can't go wrong with eBay - so much cheaper than many high street shops.

Do you buy stuff from eBay?

Jess x


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