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Friday, 1 May 2015

April Look Fantastic Beauty Box

So if you've been following my blog you'll know that Look Fantastic were kind enough to give me a 12-month subscription to their beauty box (here) so every month I will be doing an unboxing video...

The video may be a bit of a fail with a couple of the products missing (I'm sorry) but here is my full review of all the products that were in Aprils beautybox...

So the diet tablets, as you can tell by my face, I wasn't too keen on and I have actually decided not to take. I thought I might give it a go for you guys so I could review them but if you follow the fitness side of my blog you'll know they are not my thing. Perhaps I'll keep it for when I do my 1K follower giveaway and add it to the parcel one of you lovely readers will receive and you can chose to try them out or just throw them out.

The soap I have only used once so far because I don't really use soap; I'm pretty lazy and just use the bottles that you can actually hang up in the shower or those pump bottles by the sinks... The soap was nice when I did use it in the shower but I do moisurise after a shower anyway so I couldn't tell you if the soap actually made all the difference... the least helpful review ever.

I have heard so many great things about this mouth wash product, it is quite expensive, but it does taste nice and isn't too strong or painful as some mouth washes can be. I am going to try and remember to take it to work to use after lunch, especially if I have any surveys or meetings in the afternoon; I think it will be a useful product!

I absolutely love bedhead products and was quite surprised to see such a popular brand featured in the box, which was great. It smelt amazing... However, styling gel is not really my thing - it would be great if you have short hair though I think. I have given this product to my boyfriend and he loves it.

This wash smells sooo nice, I would actually recommend it if you're looking for a nice body wash - I think I might transfer it into a pump style bottle and use it as a hand wash in the guest cloakroom instead (the link below is actually the pump style as on Look Fantastic's website!). As a general body wash, I am not overly fussy about which I use, I usually go for the cheapest as I go through them like crazy so if I did buy this product for those purposes I would probably keep it in my travel bag for special occasion use only.

This pencil looks great on paper; its all natural organic ingredients which is great for even really sensitive skin. However, I don't have sensitive skin anyway and I found that it smudged really easily. I don't think it had much chance after last month's Lord and Berry pencil!

Thank you so much Look FantasticThis box gets **** this month from me!

At the end of the 12 months (a long way away I know) I will be choosing my favorite products and let you know what products I have actually used frequently.

Go and subscribe to my YouTube to see next months unbox.


Jess x


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