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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April wish list

Today I decided it was about time I did another wish list post as there are sooooo many items I want to buy right now that I really can't afford at the moment (waaaaa) but it makes it slightly better sharing them with you all.

The first brand I am in love with at the moment is The Ragged Priest - who I found through my love of Topshop. I have yet to buy anything from their website as it is a little on the pricey side, so let me know if you have and what you think of the brand! Here are my absolute favourite picks...


The next stop, is of course Missguided - I like these less expensive websites for shopping sprees so I can buy a few items rather than just choosing one. I like their website in particular because they often post full outfits rather than just the one item so you can get a feel for what to wear with it. Here are my current top picks...


Skinny Dip London is a great brand for accessories. I am forever seeing people with their phone cases in particular. But I feel like I need to buy one of these bags...
Wildfox is another amazing brand I love but is again a little on the pricey side... They have lots of amazing swimwear and sunglasses on their website. I really want a swimsuit like the picture below - the colours are beautiful and I love the low backs. I did see a similar one in Primark, however the fit wasn't great and I'm unsure how long it would really last.

South Beach also have some really nice swimwear - I haven't ordered from them yet as I am not going away until September but let me know if you have in the comments below and what you think of the sizing.
Jess x


  1. That shiny coat looks so interesting! Now my wishlist is even longer! X

    Birthday celebrations outfit inspiration over at-

    1. I know! Their whole website is pretty different to be honest. I think that's why I like it all... I'll be sure to check out your link!
      Jess xo


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