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Sunday, 5 April 2015

25minute treadmill HIIT workout

My current treadmill HIIT workout;

3 minute warm up (I just walk for these three minutes while sorting out my headphones etc).

Time               Type              Speed            Incline

60s                 jog                  7.5                0%            
30s                 sprint              13                 0%
60s                 walk                5.5                0%

60s                 jog                  7.5                2%            
30s                 sprint              13                 2%
60s                 walk                5.5                2%

60s                 jog                  7.5                3%            
30s                 sprint              13                 3%
60s                 walk                5.5                3%

60s                 jog                  7.5                4%              
30s                 sprint              13                 4%
60s                 walk                5.5                4%

60s                 jog                  7.5                5%            
30s                 sprint              13                 5%
60s                 walk                5.5                5%

60s                 jog                  7.5                6%            
30s                 sprint              13                 6%
60s                 walk                5.5                6%

120s                jog                 7.5                7%            
60s                 sprint              13                 7%
120s               walk                5.5                7%

Cool down.

I often get people ask me about my workouts, as well as eating habits, so I thought I would share my favourite HIIT workout with you all.

I constantly change and update my HIIT workouts - I find 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest just so boring - but above is what I did today.

You will need to change the speeds to suit you - the walking is your rest so make sure you are walking slowly and not jogging. The jogging is a slow jog and then the sprint needs to be you pushing yourself to your limits.

I usually do this then move onto some form of weight training (I will post some of my routines at some point as well, or maybe even do a little video) to make up an hour at the gym.

Jess x


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