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Thursday, 26 March 2015

HOW TO: Fake Tan

Today's post is on fake tan; what type I use and how I do it.

I am by no means a pro but I have had lots of people ask me how I get such a natural looking tan.

The product I use is St Moriz - because it works and its cheap (and its easy for you newbies).

I have tried sooo many different types and brands of tan and this is definitely my favourite.

If I could recommend one thing to you all its to use a moose product because they give a much better finish than a lot of other types; St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse. For me, I use medium if I want a subtle glow and dark when I want a real natural tan.

Basically you put your tanning mitt on and rub the moose in all over.

Any mitt will do - I have never had a bad experience with one, I just buy whatever one is in the shops when I buy a new tanning mousse - I have had Superdrug's own tanning mitt, Boot's own version and a St Moriz one; all are fairly cheap and do the job.

I would make sure you are in the bathroom so you don't get any on the carpet - I actually usually put a towel down and I have no stains on my towel but do it in the bathroom in case.

Don't worry about exfoliating or putting moisturiser in places specifically for fake tanning - it really isn't as technical as some people make out. Although to have nice skin you should be doing this regularly anyway.

This tan comes out dark, which I think is a bonus because you can see clearly where you have done, but you wash it off in the morning so don't panic!

When you do your feet (ankles in particular) and those types of places (knees, elbows...) just make sure to bend and lengthen them so you get all the skin - but don't go over these places a million times worrying about it or you'll get layers of tan there and make them darker than anywhere else!

This might sound complicated but you get used to it - basically just don't worry about it too much and just shove the tan on all over - yes, even your face; it'll turn out fine I promise.

When you get to your armpits, I just go around them (avoid the part where the hair grows).

Now when you get down to your hands (the last part of your body to do) I just use the mitt and do one then swap and do the other - I then wash the mitt (just rinse with water until clear) and so my fingers/hands get wet (try not to splash it all up your arms or anywhere else though).

Then I put moisturiser on my hands and wrists and rub it in, blending the tan from your arm and over your wrists and hands that you have just partially washed off when cleaning the mitt.

Get your PJs on and have a shower in the morning to reveal your natural tan. I do recommend leaving it on for a good 8 hours.

Let me know if you would like a little video on tanning too as it is quite hard to explain!

Jess x


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