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Monday, 16 February 2015

REVIEW: Your Tea: Tiny Tea 14 day TEAtox

As promised here is my review of Your Tea's Teatox - I'll keep it short.

If you read my initial post (here) - you'll know I absolutely love tea and needed a little kick start after Christmas and then having the flu.

Essentially, the tea did the job I wanted it to.

Was I disappointed? Yes.

The 14 day teatox helped me get back on track; I had slipped into bad eating habits when recovering from the flu, I was feeling sorry for myself and kept reaching for the biscuit tin.

So when I got the teatox, I cut out all chocolate, biscuits and sweets (etc) - which actually wasn't difficult (shock!) I kept going to the gym and generally eating well, as I usually do anyway, throughout the whole of the teatox.

I am now in a place where I'm not eating the unhealthy snacks and I'm not jumping straight for breakfast in the morning (this was my biggest challenge). So the tea helped me achieve what I wanted it to.

However - I lost no weight or no bloating (in fact I was more bloated if anything), my skin didn't change, I had no more energy than I do on a usual day etc etc. All the claims of the product had zero effect on me. This was a huge disappointment; I was hoping I would get some other small benefit.

Basically, I love tea and got a good deal on the product, so I have no regrets - but I would say that if you're not a herbal tea drinker this product will be a huge shock to your tastebuds! Even for me the tea was strong. All in all, would I bother buying it again? no.

Have you ever tried a teatox?

Jess x



  1. Ahh that's so disappointing to hear! I'd read about the tea and it did seem a bit too good to be true, I guess.

    1. I know! Yea that's true - I wasn't expecting miracles but I thought a little less bloating or clearer skin or something would happen!
      Jess xo


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