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Monday, 2 February 2015

Pay day wish list

Hi everyone,

So seeing as I haven't done a fashion post in a while and payday has just arrived I thought I would do my first ever wish list.

There's so much nice stuff out at the moment, particularly because most shops have just launched SS15 - I am so excited about summer already! & there are so many sales still going on... so here are a few of my current favourite items that I totally need to buy.

I am dying to get my hands on these babies but I am going to wait until I go to America as I am sure they will be cheaper.

I love Sabo Skirt and I need this playsuit for the summer... Its so perfect for holidays and has a really low back. Beautiful! 
I am a huge fan of adidas originals but for the price they are, I fear I cannot pull them off quite as well as the models always do... but HELLO ASOS SALE!

Why I haven't brought this clutch bag already I don't know...


I love bomber jackets but this velvet style is so different and only £15!


More boots... I didn't actually love this style at first but seeing lots of bloggers pairing them with amazing outfits has so made me want a pair! You can get them for around £40 on loads of websites.

In LOVE with this colour - how perfect for valentines day... 

If I could buy more coats I so would... 
This jacket would be perfect for spring
I could go on forever (I'm so not obsessed with fashion) but there's my top picks for today! What are you going to buy this pay day?
Jess x

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