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Friday, 13 February 2015

Neutral lip

Hi everyone,

So today we are talking lips.

I recently decided I wanted to try out a neutral lip colour - however I wasn't 100% sure if it would suit me so rather than spending a fortune on Mac or another big brand, I thought I would go into Superdrug and check out there cheaper selections.

I stumbled across;

1. Collection Lip Definer in Nude Pink

2. Collection Deluxe Lipstick Shade Charleston 3

& I absolutely love them! What a bargain and a gorgeous colour. It was exactly what I have been looking for.

It lasted longer on my hands when I was testing them all out than any of the other brands they had in my local Superdrug. And to be honest it was the nicest colour as well!

If you want a fuller lip look, I definitely recommend you try and get a matching lip liner as well as the lipstick... I can do a YouTube video on this if anyone wants me to; let me know. These two products, although look slightly different in the above picture, actually blend really well together.

I think I may go check out Collections foundation range as well as I need a new one and it is so cheap. Considering I don't wear make up that much, it runs out of date before I've even used half (or its so old I don't even remember when I opened it!)

Have you tried any of Collection's makeup?



  1. You applied you Collection Lip Definer and Collection lipstick beautifully. Your eyelashes look amazing! I hadn't heard of Collection's makeup before. If you do decide to do a lipliner and lip colour or other makeup tutorials on your YouTube I'd love to watch. I've been lazy about making any new YouTube videos myself lately, but I still log in to watch other peoples' videos I love your Winter / Christmas Fashion Favourites (mainly Topshop - YouTube) video.

    1. Aw thank you so much! Aw ok, I was thinking about doing lips, eyes and eyebrows soon then maybe a full makeup video when I get more confident with it. I know, its so hard to find the time to do them but I will try. Thanks :) I'll go check out your channel when I get on there too.
      Jess xo

  2. I've never bought Collections make up because I always worried it wouldn't be good quality- but now ill definitely check it out! That lip colour is gorgeous!

    1. I know - I did think the same! But the price of these compared to Mac and others is crazy! It's so pretty isn't it! I'm definitely going to try something else out - their concealer has won lots of awards as well!
      Jess xo

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