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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 48 - fitness journey: healthy alternatives

How is the new lifestyle going so far everyone? If you started with me from day one, you'll notice we are on day 48 now! I can't believe it. If you are new the fitness side of my blog, jump on board now; its never to late to change your life.

Today I am going to be sharing a few recipe ideas with you for healthy alternatives to our well loved dishes - some I personally have always done (but I have noticed other people don't) and some are new to me as well!

It is important to have a balanced diet so your body gets all it needs to function properly but it is always handy to know some alternatives for when we have hit our daily limits - I will do a portioning type post and also a food groups post another day.

Oh and I will be posting recipes for all of these and more over time but let me know which ones you would like sooner rather than later?


Sweet potato is a great alternative to ordinary potatoes - you can do anything with them... bake them and make fries or mash them... the options are endless.

Butternut squash cubes are amazing too (my newest favourite!) Although they are difficult to peal and cut - I clearly need to go work on my arm muscles - but you can buy pre-cut cubes or chunks... Or heat them in the microwave for a minute to soften a bit.

Carrot & swede is a good for an alternative to mash as well and in my opinion is so much nicer. The only issue is again the swede is quite hard to cut but you can buy pre-cut versions.

Zoodles - courgette or carrot... or both... or lots of other things I'm sure are a great alternative to pasta or to add into salads to make them more exciting! To make these you need to invest in a spiralizer as I have just done and I don't regret it at all!

Cauliflower - pizza bases, quesadillas, etc etc. Fun and healthy - who knew!

Dinner sauces - don't use jars; make your own (I will do some recipes soon) or use tinned tomatoes.


My latest brownie recipe is the best thing ever... you need to try them - they are an amazing alternative to any unhealthy snack. I will be posting tonnes more snacks for everyone to make over time - the key is to always have them around for when those cravings kick in (I need to remember this point as well!)

0% Greek yoghurt is also a winner - you can put your protein powder in it, or granola, or fruit... the options are endless. I have started adding it to my porridge in the morning to get some extra protein.


If you have a lot of milk, try to replace it with unsweetened almond milk or other similar alternatives.

If you don't love ordinary water, try coconut water or fruit infused water instead to make sure you are getting enough liquid without all the added sugars of squash or fizzy drinks.

Jess x



  1. great post, I'm really trying to improve my diet so these tips are helpful! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

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