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Friday, 2 January 2015

REVIEW: Sensationail (gel nails)

Hi everyone,

So one of my Christmas presents this year was a Sensationail kit.

As basically every girl in the world, I absolutely love having my nails done. When you look good, you feel good!

When gel nails came onto the scene I realised how annoying ordinary nail polish is. On me ordinary nail polish chips within a week which isn't ideal. Whereas gel nail polish lasts 2 - 4 weeks (I believe when you get them done professionally you usually go back every three weeks - in which time the polish still hasn't chipped but your nails have grown).

I was a bit skeptical about doing the nails myself but when I found this amazing kit for only £50 I had to get it (well, I told mum and she got it for me). It included everything in the above picture except one of the polishes and the nail brush. This kit from sensationail is essentially the same as what I got (minus the bag).

My friends told me every now and again the actual sensationail website (here) and also boots (here) often to offers on different starter kits so I kept my eyes out and boots did this amazing offer.

I was brought this below nail polish separately which can be found here.

With the kit you got institutions on how to use everything in the kit (from putting the polish on, to removing it) - so helpful!

So if you love having your nails done, I definitely recommend you keep an eye out for offers on a starter kit - it is so worth it! And it's pretty easy as well. To be perfectly honest I would pay full price for the kit as it is worth every penny. 

Do any of you gel your nails?

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  1. FYI everyone - it has been almost three weeks now and not one single chip... I will have to take them off this weekend because they have grown out so much!

    My number one tip is not to let the polish get on your skin - use the stick you get with it to wipe off any you accidently get anywhere but your actual nail BEFORE curing; I tend to get bits around the side if my nails sometimes and that tool gets it straight off :)

    Jess xxx


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