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Friday, 16 January 2015

RECIPE: homemade pasta sauce

Hi everyone,

I don't know about you but I get so bored with just having tins of tomatoes as a sauce for half my dinners so I thought I would use my blender and create a more exciting (but still healthier than buying a pre-made version) pasta sauce.

I virtually made this recipe up, by using things I love and herbs I know will work with the meal so feel free to make your own variation up! 

This recipe as I mentioned in my previous fitness post is not quite perfect but let me know if you try it out and what you think?

So I am obsessed with peppers so clearly my first ingredient was going to be a pepper - red peppers are my favourite! I may mix it up next time and use different peppers and see how it changes the sauce.

Also cayenne pepper as it adds a kick to anything, which I love, and it increases your metabolism which we all love! There are so many more health benefit claims to cayenne pepper so I recommend adding it to some of your meals... I always add a tad to my soups, or a lot if I fancy a spicy meal!

I added my sauce to some wholewheat pasta - I didn't measure it out but I used to do 50g - with chicken, lots of peppers and mushrooms. One of my favourite go to dinners.

One whole red pepper
1/2 red onion
Two large garlic cloves (or three little ones)
One chopped tomato tin
Cayenne pepper


Cook the onion and pepper first then let cool (and anything other veg you wish to add - we didn't add anymore veg in the sauce only the actual meal).

Then put everything in a blender and blend away until its the consistency you like - I used water to get all the juices out the tin but use whatever you wish!

I would say this sauce serves three - but it does depend on how much sauce you like!

I kept the leftover sauce in the cup in the fridge for the next day - I made my dad try it (and he loved it) but I did add chilies into the sauce before serving it for him.

Obviously you can use actual tomatoes and not the tinned variety - I just don't actually like tomatoes so I don't buy them. If you are going to use whole ones, I recommend removing the skin and pips first to reduce the acidity.

I actually think alone (not that you would eat this alone but I tasted it) the recipe was to acid-y for my taste so I think next time I may use one whole small onion or maybe red wine instead of water or carrots - all of which should cancel out the strong taste. Or perhaps even trying 3/4 of a tin of tomatoes and not a whole one. With the actual meal and all other ingredients it was absolutely fine just as it was :)

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  1. Never thought of using the blend active for things like this?! Brilliant idea!!

    Liv o

    1. I know right! I didn't when I brought it but they're actually so useful and so good!


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