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Friday, 9 January 2015

Fitness fashion!

Hi everyone,

So as you know if you read my blog, I have been planning to do this post for a while now but with soooooooo much sports fashion out there I didn't even know where to start. But I have decided to take the plunge and do my first fitness fashion post - there will be many more to come!

Firstly, I have to say whether going to the gym, or a class or just doing exercise at home, the important thing is to be comfortable; but as they say - when you look good, you feel good!

I am forever posting fitness pictures on my Instagram and Tumblr so I'm sure you've all seen half my fitness clothes anyway, so I thought I would go and find some bits which I personally would love to buy or will be buying soon.

I am a huge fan of Nike and Adidas but they are both so expensive! I do occasionally buy products from them and will always recommend them to people - I mean I suppose you get what you pay for - but here in the UK the prices are a little too high for me to buy everything I would like to from them, especially when I am trying so hard to save for a house!

However - I do think that investing in some good (possibly expensive) trainers are so worth it. It is really important to wear solid shoes so you don't hurt yourself. My Nike free runs are the best trainers ever and I so recommend them, particularly if you like running. There are so many different types of trainers depending on what activities you intend on participating in - so do speak to the sale associate in the store and try them on.

As we all constantly see (on Tumblr etc) there are thousands of amazing Nike shoes out there but they are a little pricey, especially for the customised ones. I would say try searching in outlets before taking the leap and ordering hugely expensive ones - some of my friends have got perfectly nice trainers from the Freeport outlet at literally a third of the price to what you can pay.

I love these free runs and this colour theme...

Getting a good sports bra is also so important for women. I personally love the Nike medium support sports bras and do intend on buying this one from Sports Direct (which is another shop I recommend you checking out - they always have great deals on these expensive brands).

The new Missguided active range has got me so excited!!!!!!!!!! I literally cannot wait to purchase half their collection! It's so beautiful and totally affordable.

"Missguided Active is here. Empowering and confident, we’re not here to be average, we’re here to make you look awesome and encourage you to train insane with our brand new and exclusive sportswear collection." - Lanching not next week but the one after (yay!)

              (I got these photos from Twitter)

Additionally, many other affordable 'high street' shops such as New Look and Boohoo are also planning on launching ranges for spring 2015 so keep your eyes peeled everyone!

I must also mention H&M quickly; this jacket is only £24.99 which is such a bargain! I know quite a few people who have brought leggings and sports bras from H&M and have not been disappointed!

I have to say it is hard to choose what sizes to get for sports clothing (I recommend trying them on if you are in store) but don't be afraid to go for Missguided and Boohoo - they both have free easy return services! Obviously, most actual stores will let you return straight to the store but not always so make sure to check returns services before ordering from any website.

On a final note, most of my workout tops are totally random (because who really walks around in just leggings and a sports bra!!) - I have two Nike vests, two Jack Wills vests, two random ones and then the rest are simply Primark vests; which I totally recommend! You can grab just plain vests for about £2 so when you're spending loads on your trainers you can remember you're saving with the tops! WIN WIN.

Hope everyone's fitness journey's are going well if you are joining me!

PS. I have a 'fitness fashion' board with loads on pins on pinterest - go check it out: Pinterest

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