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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 4 - fitness journey: whole grain food

Hi everyone,

How are you all getting on so far? (I'm still stuck in bed ill - boooooo).

I thought I would do today's post on whole grain foods - this post may be obvious to some people but it may not be to others. I must first point out I'm not a nutritionist so the wording might not be perfect but I'm trying to explain everything in terms I can actually understand and hopefully you all can too!

As I mentioned on day one here, I will be doing all sorts of posts over our journey together, going through different food groups and types of food, as well as doing meal recipes, snack recipes and smoothies (etccccc). So stay tuned :) remember this is not a quick fix but a long term journey - so it doesn't matter if we learn things from each other today, or if we don't learn anything new until day 20 - we are all going to have our own individual journeys and that's perfectly ok!

So I first recommend to you that you cut out all the 'white food' - white bread, white rice, white pasta...

I know that for those who eat this type of food everyday it will be super hard but trust me, it will be so worth it!

I am not saying just throw it all away and replace it with food that states 'whole grain' this, that and the other, although that might be the approach that some of you would rather take. But for others it might be easier to start of by having half white rice and half brown rice until you get used to the flavour - I know this is the approach I took years ago when I went from the "green" semi-skimmed milk to the "red" skimmed milk and it really worked for me. I now think that semi-skimmed milk is disgusting (when I previously thought the opposite). It really is true that you can train your body to like different foods or drinks, so we can do this together with a bit of determination and willpower!

To be perfectly honest, I can't even taste that much difference between the two (unless it is fresh bread or pasta but I don't know anyone that always buys it fresh) - you could still have these products as a treat but just not every single day for every single meal as I know some people do!

The health benefits
Whole grains have lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (fiber, magnesium, B vitamins etc) which have huge health benefits such as reducing heart disease and obesity (there are so many claims - I could go on and on with this point).

White bread, pasta etc are refined carbohydrates which can be just as bad as those sugary foods we all try and avoid. These types of carbs are rapidly broken down into simple sugars which are absorbed into the bloodstream, causing spikes in our blood insulin levels. When this happens we get that lul, that sugary low from being on such a high - causing fatigue, tiredness and wanting to eat more. 

Hence, not only is whole grain better for you, it makes you feel fuller for longer and stops you from reaching for more food, it has that slow energy release we need from food.

We (this point definitely includes myself) need to try and think about food as fueling our body and not just grabbing chocolate because we think it will make us feel better. Changing our mind sets will be super hard but hopefully we can all do it together!

Some whole grain food ideas
Whole grain bran flakes
Whole grain toast and scrambled egg

Whole grain toast and soup
Whole grain sandwich
Whole grain pasta salad
Whole grain rice and chicken dish

Pretty self-explanatory - replace your white rice or pasta with whole grain
Try having sweet potato occasionally - which are good baked as fries (will do this recipe another day)

And remember we are looking to create a balanced diet; we want to have permanent healthy lifestyles :)

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