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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Day 26 - fitness journey

Good morning everyone,

How are you all getting on with your fitness journeys? Please don't hesitate to message me whenever, I love hearing from you all.

My journey is going well so far - although I'm not entirely sure what is working for me and what isn't just at the moment as I have changed so much of my diet already...

From the little things; like having water in my porridge instead of milk (which I used to do sometimes but not every day – I have no idea why) and also just having a glass of water when I wake up instead of going straight for breakfast.

To the bigger things; like not eating chocolate or biscuits but creating healthy alternatives (which for me at the moment is so essential as I have such a sweet tooth). I used to think when I was a bit hungry I may as well go for a biscuit (which turned into 10 biscuits) as there is nothing healthy I fancied in the house but now I know I just need to keep lots of healthy snacks around so I don’t grab the super unhealthy ones (duh). My black bean brownie bites recipe will be on the blog tomorrow and I will be posting loads more recipes as time goes on.

I do generally eat healthy but I have never really cared that much about what I am eating – until now. So here continues my fitness journey and begins my true ‘lean’ journey.

Inspiration and motivation

I can’t thank blogger Lauren Gleisberg enough for her support – she posts so many workout routines, including ones which you can do at home (I haven't done any myself yet because I go to the gym a lot but I plan to fit them into my schedule soon) oh and she also posts recipes… all for free. She replied to questions on her blog and she also answered my email (which I never expected) so make sure to check her out and follow her for inspiration; here is her blog link - all her other social media links are on there; which I follow so I’m motivated no matter what social media website I am on.

I must also mention the body coach who I follow on all platforms as well – he posts great recipes; although not in detail but it inspires me to try stuff out and on his website you can get his free get lean guide – he does offer a 90 day plan but for me that’s too expensive – I think we can all to it together without spending a fortune.

There are so many ‘eat clean and lean’ accounts on Instagram but do be careful who you believe as there is a lot of rubbish out there as well.

But don’t let people get out down about it though either – we are all learning and aren’t perfect. Everyone's body and goals are different! Don't forget that.


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