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Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 1 - fitness journey

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great new year and are ready to begin the healthiest and fittest year of our lives!

Here begins our journey - DAY 1 - PREP.

I'm starting off by saying this is not going to be a diet plan or any form of short term fix; this is a lifestyle change.

Although I'm relatively healthy I know there is a lot more I could be doing to help my body. For instance, I do not eat fruit - I try all sorts of fruit throughout the years (over and over) and I just don't like it, something about the texture makes me gag... so here I am, doing this to try and push past all my weaknesses and become the healthiest I have ever been. I hope some of you will join me and we can help each other push past barriers and become our healthiest ever!

I have to state that for this month only, I am attempting to remove chocolate and biscuits from my diet because I'm far too reliant on them! When I feel rubbish or simply stressed about something I go for the sugary food - which as we all know will actually make me feel worse not better. Additionally, it has just been Christmas so my intake of sugar and fat has been far too high - hence my recent breakouts and my weakened immune system. However, the aim here is to just break this relationship - I'm not going to give up sugar or carbs or anything forever - it's all about balance. 

Of course, along with trying to create a healthy balanced diet I will also be going to the gym as usual and if I manage to get some abs by the end of the year too, I will of course be even happier!

But the real main aim is just to be healthy - to improve my energy levels, my skin, my fitness etc etc - it's not about a simply physical change but an emotional one too.

We are all going to have moments of weakness where we just can't resist that bar of chocolate or whatever it may be but that's ok. It really doesn't matter. Don't feel guilty when a cheat meal turns into a cheat day or two. It's ok. Its not a short term diet but a lifestyle for us to adopt forever. Just get back on it and follow this journey with me. It's not going to be an easy one but we can do it together!

The important thing is to never loose focus. Mix it up. Try new classes at the gym - I know at my gym the classes vary from session to session or have a new plan after a few weeks which is great for keeping focused. Additionally, you don't need to be eating chicken, rice and veg everyday as you see in half those meal prep pictures  - keep mixing it up and trying new things - keep it fun! I will be trying lots of different smoothies and soups (and other foods, like my clean-fudge-brownies) so follow me and you can try them all with me and share your tips and ideas too!

It doesn't matter what stage you are at now, with a positive mental attitude we can do it!

Start now by taking your before photos in your undies or bikinis (one front on and one side on) and also by getting a measuring tape and measuring parts of your body (especially the biggest part of your belly and your waist) and also weigh yourself and write this all down.

I will be joining in with this soon - I'm currently in bed with the flu but I wasn't going to disappoint any of you! (or myself) but not starting today as well.

I must add here, don't be disheartened if you weigh yourself everyday and it doesn't change - for most people the work you put in this month doesn't reveal itself until next month so keep at it. Last year my weight didn't change much but I did loose a couple inches off my stomach (which by looking in the mirror I couldn't believe - I looked exactly the same to me) so get your diary out and write everything down and this time next month we will do it again... And so on.

There's no quick fix to loosing weight and getting that perfect body but I will be experimenting with different things (smoothies, protein shakes, teatoxes, etc) and letting you know what really helps. Although, never forget that everyone's different. I don't believe in any of these fad diets where you replace meals with shakes or anything... That's not a lifestyle change.

Right, I also promised to share some fashion tips for the gym! So I'll post just a couple of photos here but I'll do actual fitness fashion posts over our time together. Basically, just wear whatever you are comfortable in. Nike trainers are super comfortable; my free runs are my favourites. I also love the support given from the medium support nike sports bras but it probably depends on the size of your boobs to what type of support you need.

This is the blender I have brought for my smoothies: found on amazon at such a bargain.

Last weekend, I was too excited about trying my blender me and my boyfriend just grabbed all the fruit in the house to use (strawberries, grapes and bananas) and it was lovely! So you really can use anything... I have heard adding coconut water and spinach to be good but I will post different smoothie recipes throughout our journey. I am also going to a class on smoothies this Saturday so I'll let you all know how that goes as well and what recipes I found the best.

If you ever need any help along the way please don't hesitate to comment on this post or message me on Twitter or any other social platform - I'll reply as soon as I can. We are in this together and we will all need help I'm sure!

As I mentioned I am poorly but I am forcing myself to eat today as I need to get better so I can join you all properly at the start of this fitness journey.

These are the meals I have had so far:

Breakfast: porridge oats and cinnamon
Lunch: vegetable soup and cayenne pepper

I recommend everyone has breakfast. Oats are great for the morning as they give energy and cinnamon is a good spice. If you have more time, wholewheat toast with scrambled eggs on in a great choice or if you are in a hurry a smoothie might work best! Soup is obviously a good choice for lunch and cayenne pepper helps to boost the metabolism; along with green tea... I drink lots of teas and water throughout the day - I aim to drink 3L of water a day... I take 1.5L to work and make sure I drink it all so I can keep better track of what I'm drinking - lemon water is a great alternative. But I'll do lots more posts specifically on breakfast foods, lunch, dinners, spices etc etc throughout our journey!

I feel this post is already long enough for the day!

Good luck everyone! We can do it together! I'm always on the other side of the screen...

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  1. Oh my goodness I would kill your your body and your absolutely stunning! We have started are health journey's on the same day!
    Hopefully we can motivate each other on!
    Hannah xx

    1. Aw thanks sweetie. I know! Yes :) I'll follow your Google page!


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