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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Revision Tips

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week (and next week) but I am currently revising for the first lot of exams in my post graduate course... busy week!

I am hoping to do a Christmas gift ideas guide video at the end of next week so subscribe to my YouTube for that... I will try and do some gift ideas for every member of the family and keep them fairly cheap. So don't panic if you have yet to buy your gifts!

Now for revision,

I highly recommend getting loads of colour pens and highlighters and A3 paper and make big topic overviews, highlighting all cases in a certain colour and dates in another colour or whatever best reflects the elements you have to learn for your exams.

This is my current scene...

I like to make these overviews and then I do flash cards on the important elements to remember (such as cases) and then I write out notes on scrap paper as I think writing things down helps me to remember things... But everyone different! 

The biggest thing to remember (which I often don't) is not to stress! And don't get worked up about everything, just do what you can! I have done a previous post on assignment/exam stress...

Anyway, I hope my advice helps some of you and good luck!!

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