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Monday, 15 December 2014

REVIEW: non-permanent (wash out) hair dye

Hi Everyone,

Todays blog is about non-permanent hair products.

I have always dyed my hair, bleached it, highlighted it... You name it. So I thought it was about time I attempt to go back to my original colour...

After speaking to my hair dresser she said because I had done all sorts without taking it back to its original state the only way I could do it was just to leave it until it all grew out (but if you follow me on instagram etc you'll notice my hair is so long) or use these non-permanent wash out hair dyes.

(I had no idea what this even meant to be honest so I looked into it, they last approximately 6 washes but each product varied).

I decided to try these two products:

My first attempt was with the right superdrug's own version: Superdrug Effects Chocolate Brown
At only £1.49 I thought why not give it a go! My aim was to go a dark brown all over - it was dark at the top but then faded down and my ends were still really light from where I had bleached it ombre style.
But they didn't really have this (I did not want any red tones in it either) so I went for "warm chocolate brown" as it was the darkest they had in the shop.

It was so easy to use - all instructions are on the back of the product - no gloves are needed and it didn't stain my hands.

It did colour over my hair but not very much at all - it didn't give the effect I was hoping for - but I reckon this was just because they didn't have a dark enough shade for my hair.

I would be really interested to know what other people have thought if they tried it?

So, I moved on to the nice'n easy range - I felt as if I knew this product would work before even beginning:

1. I have always preferred this brand over any others I have tried (permanent, semi-permanent and now non-permanent too).

2. It was in the colour I actually wanted to begin with.

3. On opening the box, it came with the product itself, full instructions, gloves and a hat.

It was again from superdrug but was a little more expensive at £3.75 ( and it was on an offer at the time) but the full price would still be cheap enough for me to want to buy it; NiceNEasy - Hair Lasting Colour Dark Brown

The product was a little more difficult to use than the first (but no more difficult than ordinary hair dye - it is the same principal). It had to be on for longer than the previous one I tried but it turned out exactly how I wanted it! I does look like I have dyed my hair and I love it!

I will let you know how long it does last but I would definitely be buying this product again.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you trying these products, nice'neasy in particular but if the Superdrug own version has the colour you wanted why not try it for that tiny price!

I would highly recommend before you dye your hair permanently (even if you were thinking semi-permanent) you try out these products as they are so much better for your hair.

Let me know if you try these products.

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