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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Dinner Outfit

Hi everyone,
I thought I would do my first post on what to wear for those Christmas meals and parties we all have going on at the moment.
This post is for that family Christmas meal, where you need to look nice but not too fancy, as lets face it, they have all seen you looking your worst.
I opted for these gorgeous Topshop shorts in red to be festive (I didn't get these very long ago but I can no longer find this exact pair on their website). They are simply high waisted red shorts which I am sure you can buy in most shops.
I wanted the shorts to be the most stand-out piece of my outfit seeing as it was such a festive colour so I knew I needed to have a plain black top and shoes.
I decided to go for a back long sleeved top to keep me warm and covered up - but I think that any plain tight fitted top (as the shorts are 'flowy') or even a shirt would have been nice.

As I was wearing a plain top, it was ideal to choose a statement necklace to match the outfit. This is when I realised I didn't own a nice red necklace! I wore the one you can see in the picture above but ideally I would have a larger necklace, making more of a statement. I love River Island for big statement necklaces: this would have been ideal in a red colour.

I wore thick black tights as it was super cold outside and also these cute little shoes (check out my Primark Haul video for details on them both).

I teamed it with this amazing Topshop fluffy coat, which I got last year so there is no link to that I'm afraid, although there are some amazing coats in most shops this year!
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Thanks guys and Merry Christmas :)

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