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Monday, 10 November 2014

REVIEW: Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Hi guys,

I thought I would do my first beauty review for you today on this Benefit eye-liner.

Now I've seen lots of mixed reviews on different websites and I do understand why...

At first I thought this eye liner was awful - I couldn't even get anything to come out after turning and turning... and turning the end (this is how the product comes out).

However, after much attention (I left it a while and came back to it and it suddenly worked) I managed to get it working and I love it!

My experience

It took me ages to get anything to come out in the first place, so be patient, you may have the same problem but there is something in there - I promise! After I managed to get it working the first time, I never had another problem with it. Maybe because I had brought it on holiday and carried it around for two weeks but not actually used it.

Once the product comes out, make sure on first use you wipe the first part off - I have seen many people commenting that they find this product clumpy and this is probably the reason they find this!  ...either that or the are pushing too hard and not letting the product glide across the lid. - You don't have to wipe it every time I don't think (although I have only used it three times so far) but definitely the first use.

This product is very expensive (£18.50) and to be honest I would never pay full price but that is mostly because I'm not a huge eye liner fan unless I am wearing fake eyelashes for a big party. Try buying it when it is on offer or in a smaller set with other products to try or in duty free at the airport :)

Many of the reviews also state that it is really hard to get off and in my eye (haha) this is a good thing! I use eye makeup remover and not just facial wipes and cleansers as it is much better for your eyes and I recommend you do the same if you wear any eye products! (boots own brand have a cheap and effective one). Anyway, with this product I don't find it hard to get most of the eye liner off at the end of the day and it does stay on all day without budging!

Overall this product is great if you give it a chance! Let me know what you think of it if you have it and also if you would like a video on how to apply the eye liner.

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