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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

InLoveWithFashion & Sleek Makeup

Hi Guys,

I apologise for not posting sooner, it's been a manic week.

Buuuut I have some exciting news! In Love With Fashion and Sleek makeup have both given me £50 to spend on their websites!! Thanks to them both and also etailPR :D

So I want all your advice on what to buy! Then I will do a video on my YouTube channel (link below) of everything I did buy and I can also do makeup tutorials of the bits I do buy from Sleek!

I am so excited to get spending - what a fabulous Christmas treat!

In Love With Fashion

So, this brand I had heard of but I had never brought anything on their website before as I once went on there and thought it was too expensive for me when there are so many other clothing brands around.

After receiving this amazing gift of £50 I obviously revisited their website and was pleasantly surprised! The quality of the products looks really good and hence the higher prices make perfect sense!

These are a few of my ideas:

The Beige Shearling Gilet to match my ugg boots.

The Grey Faux Fur Sleeveless Cape I thought was absolutely beautiful!

Although, it does worry me that they are one size only.

Also this fab two-piece; the Grey Knitted Pencil Skirt teamed with the matching Grey Knitted Crop Top

What does everyone think?!

Sleek Make-up

Now Sleek makeup I have been wanting to try out for a while now and I was actually about to buy some of their products in Superdrug before I got the email telling me I had received a £50 voucher!

I wanted to try out these products in particular...

The contouring palettes

The corrector & concealer range

The brow kit

Then after looking on their website, I thought I may also try out some of their darker shades of lipstick, although I am unsure as to whether I can pull them off! Also, some of their eyeshadow pallets look really nice - particularly the storm, darker one.

What do you all think? Is there anything on there you would like me to review or do tutorials on?

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Monday, 10 November 2014

REVIEW: Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Hi guys,

I thought I would do my first beauty review for you today on this Benefit eye-liner.

Now I've seen lots of mixed reviews on different websites and I do understand why...

At first I thought this eye liner was awful - I couldn't even get anything to come out after turning and turning... and turning the end (this is how the product comes out).

However, after much attention (I left it a while and came back to it and it suddenly worked) I managed to get it working and I love it!

My experience

It took me ages to get anything to come out in the first place, so be patient, you may have the same problem but there is something in there - I promise! After I managed to get it working the first time, I never had another problem with it. Maybe because I had brought it on holiday and carried it around for two weeks but not actually used it.

Once the product comes out, make sure on first use you wipe the first part off - I have seen many people commenting that they find this product clumpy and this is probably the reason they find this!  ...either that or the are pushing too hard and not letting the product glide across the lid. - You don't have to wipe it every time I don't think (although I have only used it three times so far) but definitely the first use.

This product is very expensive (£18.50) and to be honest I would never pay full price but that is mostly because I'm not a huge eye liner fan unless I am wearing fake eyelashes for a big party. Try buying it when it is on offer or in a smaller set with other products to try or in duty free at the airport :)

Many of the reviews also state that it is really hard to get off and in my eye (haha) this is a good thing! I use eye makeup remover and not just facial wipes and cleansers as it is much better for your eyes and I recommend you do the same if you wear any eye products! (boots own brand have a cheap and effective one). Anyway, with this product I don't find it hard to get most of the eye liner off at the end of the day and it does stay on all day without budging!

Overall this product is great if you give it a chance! Let me know what you think of it if you have it and also if you would like a video on how to apply the eye liner.

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Winter fashion favourites

Check out my second YouTube video on my winter fashion favourites! Lots of velvet and sparkle! ❤️

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Also - let me know what sorts of videos you would like to see and I'll make it happen.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

On Wednesdays we wear PINK

Everyone loves a bit of pink in their lives so here are my absolute favourite pink outfits (as it is Wednesday after all)!


I wore this in the summer to a wedding and I received so many compliments. The two piece (which is still very much in fashion) I got from Boohoo after much deliberating as I preferred their style (MIssguided and a T-shirt version). Although it was a bit awkward to find an appropriate bra as the back is see-through - in the end I actually wore a little white crop top underneath (that I got for £4 from Boohoo).

I got the coat from Boohoo as well, as it was the style I wanted and I could get free delivery if I brought them altogether. This long style coat is also very much still in for the winter and will brighten up any outfit. It will also go great with nice long scarfs to keep cosy for the winter – including the one below from Never Fully Dressed, which I love and need to buy!


I can’t quiet remember the exact prices now but I ended up paying only £50 for all of it because of discounts. Shoes are River Island and bag is Dorothy Perkins.


I have also fallen in love with Jaded at the moment (which is also sold on Topshop) – here is my absolute favourite:


It is pink, of course, and is also velvet which is an absolute must have for the winter season! It would be perfect with some big chunky boots (in my previous post) and a black coat.

Never Fully Dressed also posted this fab outfit today on Instagram today:

Which would also be perfect for winter! Although its “one size fits all” but I think this style will be about everywhere when it starts to get colder. Teamed with the matching fur scarf it is beautiful. I love love love it.
Never be afraid to wear pink on pink or any colour on top of the same as it can work! Equally, don't be afraid of wearing clashing colours because it can work too! Fashion has no boundaries. 

Here is an old article on 50 fashion rules to break!

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Keep an eye out for my next video on my winter favourites!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Primark Haul

Please go check out my new youtube video of my Primark haul:

My first ever youtube video: Primark Haul

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